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Team work makes the dream work! I can help your business shine

Hi! I’m Lewis Stevens, a graphic designer and proud owner of Creative Insite in Canterbury, UK. I thoroughly enjoy creating brands that work for business owners and their audiences.

My decades of experience has sharpened my skillz in creating designs that help clients reach their full potential. I excel in designing stunning interfaces and optimizing site performance to deliver exceptional results.

I have experience working with diverse agencies and clients, from small businesses to large corporations. With a fresh perspective and attention to detail, I constantly push boundaries and explore new possibilities.

If you’re seeking a passionate design expert to bring your boldest ideas to life and make your business shine, let’s team up and explore endless possibilities together.

what makes me different

the codes I live by

creativity & Innovation

Creativity and innovation fuel progress and success. Creativity generates original ideas, while innovation turns them into tangible outcomes. Together, they drive positive change, foster growth, and unlock new possibilities for individuals and organizations.

integrity & trust

In the realm of design, integrity and trust play vital roles. Upholding integrity in design builds credibility, while trust in the designer fosters client loyalty. Both are crucial for establishing enduring connections and achieving design excellence.

brand-first Approach

A brand identity is crucial for differentiation, trust, and customer loyalty. It communicates values, maintains consistency, and drives business growth.

love digital

Digital design combines creativity and technology to craft visually appealing and interactive digital experiences. It encompasses web design, user interfaces, graphics, and multimedia, enhancing user engagement and delivering impactful visual communication.

going the extra mile

I love working with people and ensuring 


I enjoy collaboration as it sparks creativity, nurtures diverse perspectives, and amplifies collective strengths. Collaborating allows me to learn from others, achieve better results, and foster meaningful connections.

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